Several weeks ago, I had a Flyover book reading at the Macksville City Library during the town’s 125th anniversary celebration.

After we ate lunch in the park, Dave and I wandered down the street so I could see my old high school, Macksville High. And it was open. Mike Harvey, the superintendent had just given a tour to a class reunion group and so he led us on a speedy tour (my talk was to begin soon.)

The gym looks the same as it did 30 years ago.

The library looks pretty much the same.

Ground floor hallway.

Upstairs hallway. The locker rows now seem to be attached to the floor. I wonder if that came about because the lockers were pushed in front of Mrs. Sparks’ door at least once during a lunch hour when she was in there – and when she started to open the doors, the lockers started to tip. But luckily some of my friends and I were there to say, wait, we’ll move the lockers out of the way. Crisis averted.

This is the old typing room. This has changed a lot. No manual typewriters anymore, just those fancy computer things.

OK, this is a lousy picture, but so many fond memories of Chemistry class. And, the eye wash thing they added, yeah, I think my class was responsible for getting that installed.

Anyway, this is NOT the chemistry lab anymore, the new one is downstairs, but this one smells exactly the same as it did in 1977.

It was fun to take a quick run-through of the old school again. Lots of memories came rushing back.




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