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Butler County Courthouse

August 17th, 2008 at 12:16 pm

The Butler County Courthouse in El Dorado was designed by famed Kansas architect, George P. Washburn, who gets credit for some of the most beautiful courthouses in the state.

Couldn’t get a great shot of the front of the courthouse. The steps were under construction and there were orange barricades.

The courthouse expanded to the east, but they incorporated the same colors, red brick and limestone in the new structure.

And the same scheme was used in the nearby Judicial Center.


  1. heineken160
    August 17th, 2008 at 12:39 | #1

    Nice complex.

  2. Flips
    August 17th, 2008 at 19:20 | #2

    About 30 years ago when we first moved to the country outside of Wichita we were in South West Butler County——& I had to go to the El Dorado Court House to get car tags etc/etc— So I went to the court house & I waited & waited & waited & waited —— & they waited on everyone BUT me—– even through I was standing in line—— as another person came in-they called them by name & waited on them & ignored me——- I was much younger then & not as aggressive as I am now—-
    Finally an older woman said —-What do you want– very rude & nasty- to me—-I told her & she said– I didn’t have all the information she needed– & to come back when I could give them all the information she needed- when I asked what I didn’t have that she needed- she said NEXT!!!!!!!! ———
    So I went out side & I was parked in a back parking lot & as I was kicking my truck tires & useing barn yard language——-an old cowboy who had pulled up in a big fancy car—- & got out & said—— what is the problem—& I told him—–to make a really long story shorter——– he knew my Dad & remembered me from the El Dorado Sale barn from years before—-& he said -well you just come with me——- & we will get to the bottom of this!!!
    When he walked in that same door——— ALL the people in that room started bowing & scraping to him & asking what they could do to help him——– to make an even longer story shorter—– he said—— I want you to take care of my friend’s daughter & what ever she needs I want it taken care of & right away!!!!!!!!!!!!— It was—- oh-yes sir-yes sir——& they bowed & scraped & I DID HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION THEY NEEDED AFTER ALL!!!!! 🙂
    I gave the old cowboy a hug & he said —— now you be sure to tell my old friend Walt “hi” for me–
    And any time you need any thing you just call me—— & he pulled his phone number out of his shirt pocket just like he carried it around to hand out to people!!!!!!!! 🙂
    When I got home I called my Dad & told him Hi from the old cowboy—& told my Dad– what had happened——- & my Dad laughed & laughed—– & said –I bet they did take care of you—— this old cowboy owned half of Butler County & half of the oil leases!!!!!!!
    It isn’t what you know BUT who you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂