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This week I learned about new books by three author friends.

A book I just started reading and am enjoying is Mystery at Snake River Bridge  by Richard Uhlig. Originally from Herington, Rick Uhlig now lives and writes in New York. He hasn’t really left Kansas – his young adult fiction books, this one included, are based in our state. Several years ago, I loved his book, Last Dance at the Frosty Queen.

Mystery at Snake River Bridge is a novel loosely based on the real-life Emporia murder case involving a Lutheran minister. This story, however, is set in the fictional town of Harker City (also the setting for Last Dance at the Frosty Queen).

For more information or to order Mystery at Snake River Bridge, you can visit Wild Child Publishing. You can read a preview on Amazon.   Better yet, order it from Town Crier Book Store or your own local independent bookseller.

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At our writer’s group meeting this week, I learned that one of our members, Kevin Rabas, has published what looks to be another fine book, Sonny Kenner’s Red Guitar.

 I just had a chance to glance through the book the other night.  Kevin writes great poetry and fiction and I’m sure this is another fabulous book of poetry.

On his facebook page, Kevin gave directions on how to order the book: If you’d like a copy, send a check for $15, made out to me, to Kevin Rabas, PO Box 274, Emporia, KS 66801.

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The third new book that I heard about this week is by Karen Ross Epp of Newton. In 2008, I wrote about her first book, With Love, Stan. which tells the story of her brother who lost his life in the Vietnam War. Most of the story is told in his own words using letters he wrote from Vietnam. Corn Rose is Karen’s new book, a historical novel. I haven’t read or even seen her new book yet, but here’s a brief synopsis:

Rose Calamia is a first generation Italian American working girl in a 1945 aircraft plant, when she meets Iowa farm boy, Jack Conner. Jack has recently been discharged from the Army and is still licking his wounds from an all too familiar war time casualty–a “Dear John” followed by divorce. When their love affair leads to a wedding and a move to Jack’s home community, Rose is totally unprepared for the life that awaits her in rural Iowa. Ever the sheltered daughter and sister in a family steeped in old world traditions, Rose is exposed to Jack’s world which is the polar opposite. Living with her in-laws for the first few months of marriage, Rose is homesick and unsure of her hasty decision to move back to the Midwest with her husband of three months. On top of all the other adjustments (no modern conveniences like electricity and indoor plumbing) Rose harbors a secret, her pregnancy.

Corn Rose is available on Amazon and will soon be available as a Kindle e-book.

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