At a local coffee shop last night I sat and visited with my friend, Tracy. We talked about writing mostly.

I’m impressed with the amount of freelance online writing assignments that Tracy finds and completes.

We also talked about the homeschooling she and her husband do with their three kids, which fascinates me – because it sounds like so much fun and sounds like it’s so good for the kids.

When I glanced at the clock on the coffee shop wall last night, I was surprised that we’d been there for almost three hours.

And then we stayed another hour, until the coffee-making-guy swept the entryway and turned off the neon open sign.

It’s been good for me to have another writer to talk to. Tracy and I have been meeting every month for several months now. She’s been someone to report my progress to – and that has actually made me accomplish a few things I hadn’t been able to on my own. I set deadlines for myself, but self-imposed deadlines are so easy to bend and break and ignore.


On her blog, Inside My Head, Tracy has started a weekly series called Timeless Tuesdays, in which she finds an old photograph for show and tell, seen here and here.


So, here’s my Timeless Tuesday entry: Christ of the Ozarks, a 67-foot Jesus found at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

It could have even been me who took this photograph with our Brownie camera.

Christ of the Ozarks was built in 1966 and our family stopped there probably not too long after that on one of our trips to see Grandma and Grandpa who lived in Northwest Arkansas.

Anyway, the statue is atop Magnetic Mountain (that sounds kind of Disneyish, doesn’t it?)

A couple things I found online: a piece about religion in Arkansas, and Roadside America’s page.


  1. I’m so glad you & Tracy have that time together——-& you both have that friendship & many things in common!
    Isn’t it fun & a great joy to spend hours with a friend!
    Since my health doesn’t allow me to go as many places as I wich I could now——-we have unlimited long distance & I have spent many hours on the phone with dear friends playing catch up!
    It isn’t as nice as in person in the coffee shop——-but I have many dear friends that our friendship has lasted soooooooooo many years & it is a joy to have those friendships & to share on a regular basis!
    A lot of my dear friends are old antique shop owners or collectors that I have know for over 35 years or more!

  2. Cheryl, what a great blog entry. The whole thing.

    I enjoy seeing friends over coffee or lunch, etc. It’s just a great way to spend time. To get that lost in conversation is a gift you and Tracy gave each other. That’s wonderful.

    The Timeless Tuesday thing is a great idea. I like that, regularly getting to see pictures of people’s past. I’m one who could go into a stranger’s house and look at all their old family pictures and just love it. A timeless Tuesday event each week is a terrific idea.

    I’ve wanted to see the Christ of the Ozarks in person. Someday…….

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