Dave was in Salina today, so he’s not in the picture, but here are some other dedicated photographers who capture the state of Kansas on “film.”

Keith Stokes Rebecca Snell Frank Thompson, and Larry Hornbaker. (Check out their websites!)

(Also, don’t miss Keith’s travel blog and he’s a Kansas foodie, like me.)

They were all at the BYOLC (Bring your own lawn chair) event in Howard today (pop. 742).

BYOLC is an occasional event of the Kansas Explorer’s Club. Here’s Marci Penner’s report on last week’s event in Damar: Goosebumps in Damar.

And one in Stark a year ago: The Successful Combustion of Locals and Explorers.


There were more people there than show up in the picture, more over yonder to the right. With the dang broken foot, I’m not the roving reporter-photographer I usually am, so I didn’t get another angle on the crowd. My mom drove me or I wouldn’t have been there today at all.

I refuse to give in to being laid-up, but this cast and these crutches sure get in the way (try balancing on one leg, clasping crutches under both armpits while taking photos.) I can’t do my job of documenting Kansas – not as well as I’d like to anyway. That and being tired made me feel out-of-sorts and grumbly today.

But there’s neat stuff going on in Howard and hearing from people who have started businesses in small towns (and in some cases, returned to their tiny hometown), just makes me proud of the Kansas spirit.

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  1. Cheryl, you have my complete sympathy/empathy regarding trying to take pictures when your body is not in its best operating condition.

    I’ve been facing similar challenges this past year with a “bum knee” that prevents me from climbing up on things, walking long distances, and sometimes even from standing up for very long.

    But I generally haven’t had to try balancing on one leg…

    You are doing great, and posting an amazing amount of photos.

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