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night riding

November 28th, 2007 at 3:00 pm

Dave went to the Christmas Parade and came back with this shot.

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  1. elebrown
    November 28th, 2007 at 16:11 | #1

    That is spectacular!!

  2. November 28th, 2007 at 16:36 | #2

    It’s fun to set a slow shutter speed and pan the camera as the lighted floats sale by. I’m a sucker for glitter, and also the old cars & big trucks with lights all over them.
    My favorite, though, was the Beef Fest float. Not the prettiest, but they were barbecueing steaks on it and the fragrance of the smoke wafted over the crowd long before the trailer passed. But I didn’t get any samples.

  3. November 28th, 2007 at 16:37 | #3

    Whoa! Waaaay Cool! I want to ride that motorcycle.