May 29

For Marilyn


Maryland, oh my Maryland.

It’s her birthday today!

My friend till the end:

Marilyn. I could tell all

of the stories – of riding

around town in cars,

of breakfast at The Rock,

of telling tales

at the lumberyard bench

of machetes in the milo,

of swimming

in the horse tank,

of tossing bread dough

across the home-ec

work stations,

of finding the cooking

sherry, of swimming

at the river, of climbing

into the historic cabin behind

her house and finding

“True Detective” magazines

in its loft. I could tell

of walking to school

every morning in the rain

in the snow, in the sunshine.

I could tell of sitting in the

post office, loitering against

the law, and reading the

FBI’s Wanted posters.

I could tell about babysitting

for her neighbors, The Beanies,

or about gym class

and “scooter days,”

about Mr. Smith spitting

into the wind during

track practice. I could

tell about all of these

things, but two words

sums them up:

We laughed.

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