The Louis Vieux family cemetery is near Belvue in Pottawatomie County.

The story.

A few years back,  my friend Frank Thompson created an incredible blog post on this place: Little Vermillion Crossing on the Oregon Trail.  Check it out.


  1. A dollar per outfit was high in those days, but it could have been worse. If he’d charged per ear on passengers and beasts, for instance. That’s outright piracy, and possibly led to pirates being called ‘a Buccaneer’ (insert laugh track here)

  2. Great pics!! But Frank’s blog has some inaccuracies in it. For one, Vieux ran a ferry, not a bridge, across the Vermillion. Guess that’s a little picky of me to point out, but the ferry was a lot more work and more appropriate for the timespan. Unfortunately the Louis Vieux elm that he pictures and speaks of is now gone. One last, and senseless, act of vandalism burned the remaining stump to the ground. And I still ache that so many of the original stones in the cemetary were destroyed and replaced by the plain, cement markers.

    Thanks for posting your pics!! Love that you are highlighting this part of the state so beautifully!!

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