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Last night…

April 15th, 2012 at 9:41 am

… was quite the ride across Kansas. Although the sirens sounded in Emporia early this morning, no damage here. Dave was in Salina visiting his mother, and Salina in three tornado warnings, but they’re OK.

During the broadcasts and through bits of information coming from various news sources, you hear all kinds of stories, snippets of what’s going on, a line here and there, unconfirmed reports of disaster, of tornadoes diverting or dwindling at the last moment before a town. That, unfortunately, didn’t happen with Wichita.

It was amazing to watch KWCH meteorologists tell about the catastrophic tornado that was aiming directly for them and their city. They were cool and collected, and at the same time were dealing with a major tornado headed toward Salina, also in their coverage area, so they had to divide their time between the two storms.

These storms, after dark, couldn’t be seen, which added even more stress and unknowing to the situation. I listened to a variety of stations, channels, KWCH in Wichita, WIBW in Topeka, KVOE in Emporia, Kansas Public Radio in Lawrence –   and every single broadcaster I heard did an exceptional job of reporting the danger and keeping Kansans safe.

I’m not happy with Cable One’s decision earlier this year to cut off our access to the three Wichita stations, KSN, KAKE, and KWCH. Luckily, last night, we were allowed access to KWCH. These Wichita stations cover the storms that are moving INTO our area, so we really need access to these stations here in Emporia. Please give us back our Wichita stations, Cable One.

Many Kansas towns were hit last night, suffered a little or a lot of damage. It will take awhile before many of those stories are told.

Reports I’ve heard this morning indicate there were 97 tornadoes in Kansas last night.

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  1. April 15th, 2012 at 17:52 | #1

    It really is astonishing that more people weren’t hurt. You’re right, Cheryl, the broadcasters did an excellent job, one that I wouldn’t want to do, that’s for sure. What a night.