Prairie’s Edge” is the work of Patricia Anna Keller of New Mexico.

I love the colors and the simple lines in these pieces.

Keller’s work is on display in the second floor gallery at Pioneer Bluffs just north of Matfield Green. The show runs through June 24.


Jim Worster visits with Anna Patricia Keller.

I had a chance to visit with her, too, and she’s a warm and charming person.


  1. Cheryl, thank you for mentioning the show & for the very kind words. The photos are beautiful! It was such a pleasure working on this show and showing my work alongside Dave’s. And meeting you and Dave and the many nice people in the area. I love your website and your book, too! Anna

  2. Just love Anna Keller’s art work. Her color combinations are beautiful. Can’t wait to go and see it. Thanks for the post.

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