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Sleeping in the sun

February 12th, 2012 at 9:18 am

In Wichita yesterday, I stopped at Eighth Day Books to see if they needed restocked with Flyover People books – and they did – yay! As I was leaving their parking lot, I saw this cute little kitty curled up in the sun. It was a cold day in the 20s, but the wind was calm and the sun was warm.

Eighth Day Books is a fabulous bookstore in an old three-story house. Lots of cubbyhole bookshelves. Lots of books on spirituality and religion, history, philosophy, literature, poetry. It’s a great independent bookstore. Next time you’re in Wichita, stop by… 2838 E. Douglas.

See my photos from 2010 of interior/exterior photos of Eighth Day Books.

I was in Wichita yesterday to give a keynote address to a conference: Women Managing the Farm. That’s a great group of women and I had a wonderful time at the event.

cities, commerce, Flyover Book

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