Last Wednesday evening I drove to Wichita to a book launch at Watermark Books.

Kansas – in the Heart of Tornado Alley.”

It’s a book of photos about Kansas’ tornadic history.

From the Introduction: “The connection between the tornado and Kansas is as much about image and reputation as hard statistics.”

While talking about the book, Dr. Jay Price said that he and the other authors wanted the book to be “not just a recounting of death and destruction. We wanted a more complete story”

The photos and captions in the book tell about the impact of tornadoes – the destruction and the rebuilding process. And thanks to The Wizard of Oz, tornadoes have become a symbol that many associate with Kansas. Tornadoes are a part of our weather, a part of our lives and a part of our culture.

Authors: Craig Torbenson, Jessica Nellis, Sadonia Corns, Keith Wondra and Jay Price.

Jay Price has been my good friend, gosh, for about 10 years now. He’s always working on a book – and his next one is going to be published by Oxford University Press. I’m duly impressed.

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