The sky had been saving up rain for a long time – and tonight it dumped a month’s worth of moisture on us. Dave and I went out into the rain tonight and it was definitely worth the trip – to see and hear two excellent poets who did a reading at ESU.

Dr. Kevin Rabas, co-director of ESU’s Creative Writing Department, introduced Matt Porubsky and Leah Sewell, husband and wife poets from Topeka.

Leah Sewell read some fabulous stuff – images that will stick with me for quite a while.

Matt Porubsky read some great pieces from his two books, Voyeur Poems and Fire Mobile, as well as some newer work.

Matt signs a copy of Voyeur Poems to me.

Kevin is a great host, always makes people feel welcome.





  1. Dr. Rabas, Kevin, is a real treasure at ESU in so many ways. He soon will be Faculty Senate President. I think next year. At the core he is a student-centered professor who nudges the best writing out of his students.

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