I’ve photographed the old Lawrence Carnegie Library before – because it’s conveniently located at a stoplight at Ninth and Whatever Street (Vermont?). When I’m at the stoplight I always glance over and see what a marvelous structure it is and grab the camera.

The C-Span bus was parked at the current Lawrence Public Library.

I drove through Lawrence yesterday on the way to Kansas City because The Raven Book Store had requested more Flyover People books; they were out!  So, here’s The Raven on 7th Street. I also refilled the shelves at Signs of Life Books-Gallery.

My reading yesterday was at the Roeland Park Community Center. I got there early and around back I found a community garden. Food is raised here for the Roeland Park Community Center Food Pantry.

Yesterday’s event at the Roeland Park Community Center had two parts. My reading was the second half; the first half was an presentation by Isaias McCaffery, who teaches history at Independence Community College in southeast Kansas. McCaffery gave a fascinating talk on the people who settled Kansas – our immigration history.

The leaves are turning out there. Lots of yellow, some orange. Red sumac in the ditches and fields.

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