This evening… looking at vacation pics from early September and I’m missing Colorado. I want to go back. And stay.

(However, that long, straggly hair – it’s gone. And I’m not missing that.)




  1. Yes, the chipmunk is real. No, I didn’t give him any treats, although apparently he’s used to being fed by humans. Feeding the wildlife is inadvisable (for their sake and yours) – and I believe it’s against the law in Colorado.

  2. Talk about a view. I haven’t spent any significant time in Colorado for many years. From western Kansas, it was the go-to place for vacations. From this side of the state we tend to venture further east.

  3. I like your hair!–and it doesn’t look “straggly” at all! …and, no, you cannot STAY in Colorado; we NEED you in Kansas!!

  4. We’d miss you. You are an asset to Kansas. But I sure understand the feeling of longing. And you’d be an asset wherever you lived. After fussing over where to move, I’ve decided on either Lawrence or the Central west coast, neither of which we can swing. So, we’re staying here. And here ain’t bad! But yeah, I can feel that feeling of longing you are talking about.

  5. Me too right now. I’m taking a few days off at the end of oct. I’m either shopping for a new job or taking a long road trip.

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