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Reading at Faith and Life

August 14th, 2011 at 9:12 am

On Saturday morning, I had a reading/book-signing event at Faith & Life Bookstore, 606 N. Main, in Newton. Some people came in with their Flyover People books in hand. They had read the book and liked it enough to show up, so that’s always good for a writer’s soul. Such nice people were there; I enjoyed visiting with each and every one.

And two former Pawnee Rockers were in the audience. Newton is one of the places that PR Mennonites go to retire. They like the activities that Bethel College offers and they want to live in a Mennonite-rich community.

Roland Schmidt was one of the former Pawnee Rock residents in attendance. He is featured in one of the essays, “Seed Potatoes.” He’s ninety-something, but doing well. He drove up to Great Bend a few weeks ago to express his condolences after my father died, and my brother and I appreciated that and enjoyed visiting with him. Frances Schultz Siemens was the other former Pawnee Rock person there yesterday. She’s a long-lost relative. I didn’t know her when I was growing up, I think she had already left town.

Abby and Bethany of Faith and Life Bookstore are behind the counter. On the right is Beverley Buller, an author from Newton who has written two children’s books, biographies about William Allen White and Mary White. Bev has been a supportive writer friend and has been known to put Kansas Notable Book Award stickers on my books (and other notable books) in bookstores.

It’s a good-sized bookstore. In addition to books, they have rows of greeting cards and cubbyholes with gifts.



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  1. heineken160
    August 14th, 2011 at 10:36 | #1

    Looks like a wonderful bookstore, Cheryl. Sounds very community minded like our Town Crier here in Emporia.