Harland Schuster and Marci Penner sign copies of their brand new book “8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook” – released today at the Eisenhower Presidential Library  and Museum in Abilene.

Over the past few years, the Kansas Sampler Foundation has had nine contests voted on by the public to determine the various 8 Wonders of Kansas. First, there were the Original Eight Wonders of Kansas. Then, a contest for each of the eight elements of Kansas: architecture, art, commerce, cuisine, customers, geography, history and people.

Each of those contests had 24 finalists and 24 x 9 = 216, so a photograph representing all 216 of those people, places and things are represented in this book.

Harland Schuster, a top-notch photographer (and full-time farmer/stockman), traveled around the state in about six months’ time, capturing all 216 Wonders.

These books have a spiral binding so they lay flat open  and fold back – which will be very useful when you’re in the car driving around Kansas yourself checking out these sites.

It’s an amazing book. You’ll definitely want one of your very own.

Here’s where you can purchase this book.

A portion of the map of wonders.


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