Joyce Thierer portrays Calamity Jane during the 2010 Kansas Sampler Festival.

The Kansas Sampler Festival is coming up.

In Leavenworth, Ray Miller Park.

May 7 -8.

You’ll want to be there for the sesquicentennial edition of the festival.

Because this is the year to celebrate all things Kansas.

Check out this page about the festival. You can click on the links to see what’s in each tent (Artists, authors, displays and demos, etc.) and then click on those links to go to the vendor’s website and learn about them.

The festival is loads of fun. Music, food, beer, wine, Kansans!

And you can learn from locals what there is to see and do in each county of the state.

Save the date. Make your plans.

And I’ll see you in Leavenworth!

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