Rachel Hunter and Darrell Brogdon pitch to listeners during a previous fund drive.

Greetings, public radio fans:

This morning Kansas Public Radio begins its week-long spring membership drive.

Twice a year, KPR interrupts programming to ask listeners for financial support.

If we’re honest here, I don’t think the fund drive is a favorite week at the KPR studios. (Well, for one staffer it is, but the rest would just as soon skip pledge week if they could.)

Because, basically, who enjoys asking for money?

Not me. And probably not you either.

But the KPR staff does it because they believe in their fine programming.

They do it because public funding is diminishing and it is always at risk for more budget cuts.

But, if you will … come in close … a little closer … and I will tell you the real reason that KPR staff members are willing to scoot up to the microphone and ask for money.

(They do it for you.)

Yes, they do it for you. The folks at Kansas Public Radio take incredible pride in delivering quality programming to you, the listener.

They’re happy to provide this service.

Every single day of the world, KPR is on the air delivering news, information, music and entertainment to you.

Now is the time to give back. Today.

Support Kansas Public Radio.

Send ’em lots of money.

If you don’t have lots of money, send them a little.

Here’s their toll-free number – 800-577-5268.

Go ahead, call them up.

Or, if you prefer an online pledge, go to the KPR website.

Thank you.

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  1. I always make a donation to KPR. I love the Prairie Home Companion and those Click & Clack ? brothers that tell you what’s wrong with your car–and laugh the whole time! (12:00 Sundays) –and then the best, is, of course, you, Cheryl!

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