July 20th, 2008 at 7:47 pm

You’ll find a bunch of chickens at Shepherd’s Valley. All of these are egg-laying chickens. Different varieties lay different colors of eggs. On the farm, they gather light brown eggs, chocolate brown eggs and pale green eggs.

Three times a day, these portable chicken coops are slid forward to a new green space. That way the chickens get fresh grass and the grass gets fresh fertilizer (and John doesn’t have to clean chicken coops.)

Depending on the breed and age, a chicken will lay about 240-300 eggs a year. During the spring flush in March and April, most of the chickens will lay an egg every day. Production slows in the winter and during the extreme heat.

They’ll keep a hen about 3-4 years. When they’re done laying eggs, they become stewing hens.

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  1. Flips
    July 20th, 2008 at 23:26 | #1

    I miss my chickens——I love to hear a little bantam hen as she sings as she wanders around the barn yard——& no chicken likes to set like a little bantam!!!!!!!
    Now I have glass chicken——- they don’t eat anything & not nearly as messy but I don’t get many eggs!!!!!!!! 🙂 And when I do they are glass!
    Now I have to visit other people’s real chickens!!!!!!!
    We have visited Farmer John’s chickens!!!!!!!! And really enjoyed the farm tour!!!!