As did many Kansas towns, Bushong came into being during the 1880s as the railroad developed in the newly opened Kansas Territory. The Missouri Pacific railroad, needing a depot in the area, constructed one in an empty pasture. A town followed naturally beside the tracks. Originally the town was called "Weeks" but the name was changed by railroad crewmen to Bushong, in honor of a baseball player famous at the time, Al "Doc" Bushong. The town, at its prime, was home to over 150 residents, but at present is under 60.

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A fire in the 20s destroyed a large portion of downtown. The buildings were never rebuilt and the small town's business district has gradually faded to empty shells. The abandoned railroad bed is now a nature trail rich with native plants and wildflowers. We have a few photographs of Bushong taken between 1915 and 1926.
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photography by Dave Leiker
copyright 2005